сряда, 7 август 2013 г.

How To Do Your Pedicure

Good Morning Beauties,
Its summer and I am sure you like to show your toes, wearing open shoes.
So its time to take for them and make your pedicure. That's why I am here to show you several steps how to do that.
  • Remove any old nail polish if required
  • File the nails to your required shape and length
  • Apply cuticle removal cream to cuticle area
  • Place the foot into water to soak
  • Work on he other foot - following the same procedure
  • Take the first one out of the water and put the second one
  • |as you are drying the foot, gently push back the cuticles with the towel
  • Trim the cuticle area, using the cuticle knife. Repeat on all five fingers on the other foot as well
  • Take your foot rasp and remove death skin, but do not remove too much
  • Take some scrub and massage it onto the foot
  • Dry and put back into the bowl with water. Repeat on the other foot
  • Take the feet out and dry them  . Apply foot mask and wrap feet with
  • Unwarp feet and dry them
  • Clean the nails and polish them as usual - base coat, two coats with desire colour and top coat

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