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How To Lose WeightWith Fruits

Hello ladies,
It is a summer and everyone is fussy about their look,therefore I would like to share with you what I have just read.most of us go on diet but do not         know what type of diet to follow.  
    " Modern years ago cabbage soup for weight loss can be replaced with watermelon, peaches and apricots.Watermelon has a high water content - about 92 percent, while the amount of sugar varies from 6 to 12% according to Variety, which makes it very suitable for diets, says Professor Donka Baikova. It contains equal amounts (2%) water-soluble fiber pectin and fiber - water soluble fiber. They are a very good regulator of metabolism. Cellulose fight cholesterol and lower blood sugar pectins that makes watermelon suitable for diabetics. It is better to consume 3-4 kg. Watermelon day - it gives a feeling of satiety, easily digestible and has a mild purgative effect. Improves the condition of the liver and prevents it from clumping. It is also rich in folic acid. But it is not right to substitute watermelon meals. If you are doing a diet can only eat watermelon or watermelon with some dairy product within 3 days. Another option is to eat watermelon two days a week, said Prof. Baikova. If 10 years ago it was fashionable cabbage soup, now it can be replaced with watermelon, peaches and apricots, said the visitor. Protein diets should be accompanied with vegetables and at least once a week we need carbohydrate food, was the Dietetic. Diets that last more than two weeks are not suitable because the body gets used to them and stop their effects. Should never be allowed diets that last longer than three weeks, because this time the body depletes its landfills essentialnutrients, said Professor Baikova concludes.    "

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