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How To Remove Gel Polishes Properly

They look beautiful. They dry fast and last for weeks. But at what risk?
There are growing concerns about nail damage caused by “no-chip” manicures.
     Many people do not know how gel polishes and extentions need to be removed properly. All the Asins do this by soaking the whole hand in bow with aceton,which first cause burning sensation to your skin and dries it,and on second place deffinetly damage your nails.
   Unproper removal my cause severe damage to your nails.
   Pads soaked in acetone are supposed to be wrapped around the nail for 10 to 40 minutes or more, depending on the brand and the number of coats of polish used.
    Polish should come off gently,and should be   scraped  off and pry  off the nail for speed.
A woman ( year ago in Chicago) lost a nail because of unproper removal.
Hope this was helpful and carefully you will pick your nail tech if you really want your 2 weeks no-chip manicure.
Thanks for reading.

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